Friday, June 6, 2008

Updates to EEZ Rider Pages

A quick note:

I am continuing to update the EEZ Rider Pages. I recently added a link to USACE's Coastal Engineering Manual in Marine Ecology, Geology, and Oceanography Resources. This is a good resource for people who want more background on Coastal Ecology and Geology. As a social scientist, I have found this, along with Komar's Beach Processes and Sedimentation, to be excellent background into Coastal Processes. At this time, I have lumped Ecology, Geology, and Oceanography documents onto one page. In the future I may divide them into separate pages. Eventually, I hope to get other types of coastal scientists to participate in this blog. They may have insight into organizing the natural science documents.

Future pages will include resources for econometrics and other types of applied statistics, tools for other types of social sciences, statistical software, classroom exercises and projects, and google earth applications. If anyone has good links to data or documents for existing or future pages, please share. I want these pages to be accessible to researchers, students, and the general public.

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