Monday, June 16, 2008

Drive Less (Fast)

As a tribute to the guys over at Environmental Economics: It appears that people are not only driving less as a response to rising fuel prices, but they are also driving slower. Low Ee Mien at the Energy Collective has a post on how slowing down will also impact fuel economy for cars, ships, and planes.

Looks like Env-Econ now needs an additional t-shirt. Drive Less (Fast)...

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Mark Lazen said...

Hi Paul--

I'm the Managing Editor at The Energy Collective. Thanks for the link to Low's article and for the link in your blogroll. When you get a sec, would you mind updating it from Clean Tech to our new name, The Energy Collective and changing the URL to

Thanks, and drop a line at mark AT socialmediatoday DOT com. Love to have you sign up at the site and add your wonderful blog to the mix too!