Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be Prepared?

Yesterday, the Miami Herald had an article discussing hurricane preparedness by small businesses.

A recent Office Depot survey found that one in four small businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan. The excuses fell into three categories: no time, no money and lack of know how, said Tom Serio, director of global business continuity for Office Depot.

This finding falls in line with a previous post (here) discussing a lack of preparation by some Gulf residents. We see this reoccurring theme: nothing numbs like time. The Herald article also cites a new service by Florida International University aimed at helping businesses recover after storms. From the website:

BCIN will:

  1. Rapidly report, map and share critical up-to-the-minute information about infrastructure conditions and recovery efforts immediately following a storm by working with County Emergency Management Offices and major private infrastructure providers. BCN will localize and tailor relevant information to business managers who will use this information to better assess the hurricane's impact to their facilities, employees, suppliers and customers.

  2. Develop a B2B network, which will include government and NGOs, to assist businesses in obtaining disaster recovery resources, products, and services while allowing them to collaborate in recovery efforts.

  3. Provide a channel for businesses to report their operational status and need of assistance back to government and NGOs so that these organizations can prioritize their relief efforts.

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