Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Erosion on South Nags Head

In recent years, federal funding for beach renourishment projects have shrunk considerably. In the short term, residents can apply to put out sandbags; however, these sandbags can only represent temporary relief. One area experiencing significant erosion is South Nags Head NC.

From the Virginia-Pilot

To the despair of a number of homeowners, the state Division of Coastal Management set a deadline of May 1, 2008, to start removal of unvegetated sandbags from the rapidly eroding stretch of beach north of Oregon Inlet.

"I think that people are between a rock and a hard place," said Ellen Dutkowsky, who lives off Old Oregon Inlet Road in South Nags Head.

Beach nourishment projects proposed by the federal and town governments have not been funded so far, she said, but the shoreline continues to narrow. Dutkowsky said that her property is not sandbagged, but she fears for the future unless the beach is widened.

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