Thursday, July 17, 2008

Offshore Wind Potential

Here is an image of Offshore Wind Potential from NASA's Earth Observatory:

It looks like there is significant seasonal variability. It will be interesting to see how many of these projects get started. As I have posted in the past, these projects may not be viable in some locations due to high start-up costs. These costs have not stopped all projects however. Delaware will have the first offshore project in the US. In addition to Delaware, it appears that numerous other states are pursuing offshore wind (examples:GA and MA).

Note: Here is an excellent site from Oregon State depicting wind potential. By clicking on the map you can view different regions by month.


Anonymous said...

many people think that wind has potential. I'm sure they are right.

Here's another one that the US has to research: oil shale. Become an expert in that one. The US has the most oil shale reserves in the world. Of course oil has to stay up for oil shale to pay off, and supposedly coal can be converted to oil at a lower cost. I'm going to research a bit.

Anonymous said...

re oil shale, it looks like Shell has a viable means of getting oil/ng from it: