Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hardening St Pete Beach

Between Upham Beach to the St. Pete Beach, coastal managers have been trying to address beach erosion using temporary T-Groins. Now City Commissioners of St Pete Beach are debating whether to replace existing sandbags with a more permanent structure (i.e. rocks). From baynews9.com:

The tubes are temporary to test out the size and T-shape. If approved by city commissioners, the county wants to replace the bags with rocks.

Pinellas County Coastal Coordinator Nicole Elko said during the two-year study 50 percent of the sand has eroded, without the tubes it would have been 80 percent.

The current project cost $1.5 million and is funded by the county and state.

Elko said the tubes would save millions of dollars down the road. It costs $6 million to pump in more sand and restore the beach. The bags cut that in half at $3 million.

Below is a jpeg I made using Google Earth showing these T-Groins.

Notice the convex shape of the beach around the groins. You can also see a jetty to the left of the first T-Groin. All these structures impact longshore transport of sand.

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