Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Week's RFF Policy Commentary

Resources For the Future has a weekly policy commentary series related to environmental and natural resource issues. This week's commentary is titled "Evaluating Climate Risks in Coastal Zones" by Gary Yohe.

Gary Yohe has conducted a considerable amount of research into risks associated with rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change.

Here are some Bulleted Points from the article:

Coastal zones will become increasingly vulnerable due to
  1. increased storm risk
  2. increased sea level temp
  3. changes in the water cycle (rain, runoff, etc)
  4. acidification of the ocean
People will have varying ability to respond to these changes. Adaptation is a function of
  1. individual from developed or developing country
  2. availability of social and political capital
  3. ability to manage risk

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